Monday, May 31, 2010

Making Flowers

Here are step by step instructions on making the flower I did for the card last night.  I used Stampin Up paper. Some of the others I tried did not work as well.
1. Punch 3 scalloped circles. I used the Stampin Up Punch but I am sure you could cut them with Nestibilities scalloped circle.
2. Next you will work them over with a bone folder to break up the fibers in the paper. Be careful not to work the center too much as you work your way around or the paper will tear. I used one hand to hold the paper and the other to handle the bone folder. I can't show that here because I needed a hand to hold the camera. : )
3. Here is a picture of the circles after I had worked them.

4. Now you carefully separate the 2 layers of paper. Take your time. If they don't easily come apart, work the paper more with the bone folder.

5.  Now you have 6 pieces. Here they are with the rough side up. I put the rough side towards the center of the flower.  Punch the center of each layer. They do not need to be perfect. It gives a more natural look.

6. Next I kind of crumbled them up. Then they are stacked on a brad.
This is the final flower.  The last one has been inked on the edges.I will probably work with the inking more to make it look better.
I hope you will try it. It was pretty cool. Thank you to Meg F for showing me how to do these. : )

Blog Candy

This Blog candy is not designed like many others. It is not here to get a bunch of new people to come to my blog although new people are always welcome. It is here to award those who do come. I am giving away the below items and will add more things until the deadline. All you have to do it make a comment to be entered. I will also but in entries for anyone who has commented on any entry in the month of May. You don't need to post it anywhere else, just add a comment here or on one of my cards. Blog will close May 31st and I will post a winner June 1st.
So far the prizes are stamps,  flowers, paper lace, rub-ons alphabet, and ribbon with more to come. There are no restriction for in or outside the US.

Have Fun!

Flower Card

The flower on this card was from with 3 scalloped circles. The paper is broken down with a bone folder and gently separated. Ther the are kind of crinkled up and a brad is placed in the middle. It makes a pretty flower. The leaves are from Stampin Up. The words are a stamp from I Brake for Stamps.

Only one more day until I draw a name for the blog candy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

House of Mouse Balloons

This is another card I put together last night. I colored the image a few days ago. It is colored with Copics. It a very simple card but the image is so cute, it works. The background is done with Cuttlebug.

2010 Snowboarder

I am still doing cards for my mother. I only have one more day so there won't be many more. The blue and red background was done with nail polish and a can of air for cleaning your computer keyboards and stuff. It was fun to do and reminds me of graffiti. The stamp is from Stampin Up and embossed black. The snowflake background is from cuttlebug.  I think the word are a very old Stampin Up set too.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Guy Cards

I am still working on guy cards for my mother. I borrowed a couple of these stamps from a friend. I didn't have time to make the cards right away so I just stamped and embossed them on a variety of papers. The stamps are from Stampin Up.  I embossed this in copper. Simple but does the job.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Images from my trip

I believe I colored this while on my trip to North Carolina but I had a chance to put the card together this week. I was sent the image in a swap and I am not sure who makes it.  The words are done with the Cuttlebug. The background shells are my favorite stamps from I Brake for Stamps. The shells in the front image are dolored with  Copics. The backgrounds are done with Vintage Photo Distress Inks. I also shaded parts with the distress inks as well.

Check below for blog candy information too.

Manly Moose

My mom has asked for some man/boy cards so here are some I did. 
I love this stamp. I colored it with Copic markers and the background is wallpaper.  It reminded me of fishing flies. 

This image is a Stampin Up stamp. It is colored with Copics. The dark blue layer is handmade paper.  The dtars are a cuttlebug background. That white paper is lovely and has a shimmer the photo does not show. I got it in a swap but I have since bought that star background.

Be sure to look below at the blog candy. . 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lighthouse card

The cards keep coming and coming. This was another card done with materials from Snoopy. She gave us several little light house calanders to use on cards. I loved the chipboard accests she had too.  Background was Cuttlebug then rubbed lightly with ink. 

Card kit from Snoopy

Isn't this fun! Snoopy had this really great kit at the retreat. I love the sandcastle border. It was the perfect touch. The images were colored with Copics.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One of my kits for the retreat

I designed this card off the colors in the yarn. The colors reminded me of the ocean. The background of the image was done with a brayer.  I got the stamps at I Brake for Stamps.

Another reminder that I will be offering blog candy on the weekend. Be sure to stop back.

cards from retreat

Here are more cards from the retreat. The house of mouse image came from Snoopy. I colored it with Copics.
This one was kits Meg K smailed to us at the retreat. It was fun to make her part of it all as well.
Meg F brought this kit as well. I love that lacy punch she had too, The Magnoia girl is so cute. She is colored with Copics again.

I am still planning to offer blog candy this weekend. Please come back and check it out

More retreat cards

This card was made with a kit Meg F supplied at the retreat. She gave a variety of supplies and let us each do our own thing. I saved enough from the kit, I will have another card with a girl pirate as well.  The stamp is a Magnolia stamp. I colored him with copic markers. She had a variety of embelishments for us to add. She also had her nestibilities there to cut the background pieces.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Favorite card fom the retreat

I think this was my favorite card from the retreat. Meg supplied parts of the supplies as a card kit. It was a lot like the card I did as a card kit too!
The woman is a Stampin Up stamp by the same artist who did the art for the stamp I used. We collected the things for the cup on the beach. I hand wrote outerbanks on it. The background shells are from I Brake for Stamps.  I used water color pencils to color it.
Keep candy to be offered this weekend. : )

Retreat Thank You Card

While in North Carolina on the retreat, I picked up this stamp.  It was a running joke while there about me trying to find a crab to see. They took me to the fish market and showed me one but I said that didn't count. LOL I even had a hard time coloring it because I couldn't find a picture of one. Well, besides the 3 foot one in a picture over my bed, but you could really only see the claws on that one.

So here is the card I made and sent with Meg for her father. I colored it with colored pencils. I close up is below.

  You can go to Snoopy's blog here for more pictures of the retreat. Here is a picture of the crab I found on the beach the last day. I had to chase a seagull off to see him. He was still alive but I think he was going to be breakfast before the morning was over.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cards from the retreat

Here is a picture of all the cards the three of us made at the retreat. I will show some of mine individually over the next few days.

girl with wagon

Here is a quick card I put together. I think I colored the image while waiting at the airport on the way to North Carolina. The image is hÄnglar and stÄnglar. I colored it with copics. I colored it with copics. I sure love how my copics color!

I am behind

My laptop died so I didn't have a card reader for a while. Then I went on the retreat with some Just Cards friends so I am way behind on posting cards. I hope to go crazy for a while posting. so there will be lots of posts over a short time coming. I don't think a lot of people check out this blog but I hope you are enjoying the cards. Once I catch up, I will offer some blog candy so be sure you come back in a week or so to check it out! Let's start with a mother's day card I did quickly for my mother in law.
I find card go much quicker if I try to use things I have partly done so in this case, I had the flower background around from a class I did on one page wonders. The background stamps are from Stampin Up. The flower in the front is from Stampendous. The textured background is Cuttlebug.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Love Giraffe

Here is a card I made for my niece and nephew. The image was from my friend Meg. I colored it with copics. The border is from Martha Stewart. The background is done with cuttlebug.

My laptop it broken so I am behind on posting. Had a wonderful trip and can't wait to tell about it.