Thursday, April 7, 2016


I did another lesson for my Radiant II class.  My art needs work but I was happy with some of the things happening here. I will be trying to draw and paint more mermaids!  You looks a lot in my photos because I love metallic and shimmer. You miss that in the photos.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Effy's "I am the storm" lesson

Here is my newest art journal lesson from Effy Wild's Radiant II class. Some of these lessons are really a challenge. I started this one and then covered it up ...started again. Plus, I was trying for someone who looked kind of dark. Obviously, she isn't dark but she is a pretty woman with intriguing eyes. I wonder what she is thinking. :)

Have a creative day!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Card Class Cards from Last Fall

These are some of the card class cards from last fall. Most of the supplies are from Stampin Up. 

Lovely Christmas

I just loved this card. I think it is one of my most beautiful.  It may be wrong for me to say about my own work but I loved this one. The combination is just RIGHT! :)  The stamp is Stampin Up. 

Have a Creative Day!! 

Paint Night with my grandsons

We did a paint night with my daughter and grandsons.  Here are the works.  The boys were excited to paint on canvas. 

This first one is a large painting. My younger grandson Daniel did it. 

They even played with the easel. Here is Benjamin's painting. They both decided to do trees.
 This is my daughter Sarah's painting. She also did a tree. I think she did a lovely job. This is now hanging in my living room.  
And this is my painting. I obviously did not do a tree. It is good to practice. You can't get better without practice! 

Have a Creative Day!!  

Paper 3D Sea Turtle

I got this cut file on Silhouette.  I just had to see it put together. I gave it to a friend after we were in a meeting where they talked about the face sea turtles can't pull their head in like other turtles. When in danger, they have to run away ( and of course they have a hard shell). When facing change it is better if we put on a hard shell and keep going rather than hiding inside our shell

Love the file. I should do this again!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This little bird is thinking of you!

These were done while I was in the hotel in Michigan. They were for a woman in class who lost her grandfather.  Parts of this were from a Stampin Up paper pumpkin kit. The bird is a Dina Wakley stamp.

50th Birthday

A friend at work turned 50th and I made this for her team to give her. Simple classy card. The stamps are from Stampin Up. The numbers and embossing folder were cuttlebug items.


One more Radiant II project tonight. This was kind of stained glass inspired. I also played with looking at the background and just kind of going with the things you see. There was no plan to do turtles in the beginning but as the background developed you could see right where they should be. A lot of the colors are Dylusions paint.

Inspired by others

In this Radiant II class, we were taught to study other paintings. I didn't spend the time I should have but I like the idea. She also taught us to make the work our own. I used a painting I saw in Utah and loved. It is called "The Kite" by Charles Sims. I love this painting but I don't know how to do the white fabric. I will study it more later and try to learn to do the fabric.

This is my painting.  Much more to learn but it was a fun exercise. Even seeing the painting right next to each other here makes me want to try again and do some of what I see.


This was another Radiant II lesson. I had to do a selfie which made me really uncomfortable. Not so fun to look at your face closely. :)

I was in Grand Rapids in a hotel so I had limited supplies. I did some extra shading when I got home.

Angie girl stamp

Unity stamps has Angie stamps which are so cute. Here is one of the images and the card I did for a woman at work.

Star Wars bags

With my daughters help, I did these with my Silhouette for a friend;s son's birthday. 

Amazing sunrise

Nature is the best art. Here is an amazing sunrise I took a picture of in Utah in December 

Another Paint night

I did another paint night with friends ( and family). Gave my granddaughter a brush so she could join us.

Here is my painting: It is acrylics and I saw a painting online that I used for the idea.  

Mom was here visiting and she decided to knit. 

 Here is my daughter in law

Other friends played along too! 

Peek thru book for Radiant class

This is another project for the Radiant II class. Lesson was by Tangie Baxter.  I used Dylusions paints along with other things.

Life goes on

I haven't posted here much but I am going to post a bunch. I think only one person views my blog anymore so I apologize for posting so much at once. This is just a good way to keep record of what I have done.

My life is a bit crazy. I have been helping some of my kids as they return to school and are dealing with different challenges.  My company announced they are closing the local office Dec 2016 and I decided to move with the company rather than loss my job. This means for the next few years I am going to live in Michigan and support multiple households. I already spent a month training people in Michigan to replace people here.  I did apply and get a new job within the company with a nice raise, thankfully. My mother-in-law had a stroke in Dec and is party paralyzed. We have been making trips to visit although we are not much help. And just this week, we learned that my sister-in-law has brain cancer.

Needless to say, things are crazy at home but art still helps to calm me and brings me piece. I am still doing the art online journaling class.  I am taking piano lessons.  Still doing card classes just not as much. I am going through my craft supplies to decide what will go and what will stay. I did a photo challenge early this year but couldn't keep up.

Going to make an annoying amount of posts.

Sorry Loz! :)