Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 122 Vintage Memories

I have decided to participate in the AALL and Create Challenges.  The first was labeled Europe.
AALL & Create Challenge One  The piece had to contain some of these things but not all were required.

A face
Papers (newspaper, printed paper, rice paper…etc.)
Letters, numbers
Blue for the colour of the European Union, Union Jack...
Ribbon, twine, string or lace…
Textures – take inspiration from history from ancient civilisations to the fall of the Berlin Wall
Something both vintage and modern
  • I also wanted to enter ArtFest at my work so I will enter this there as well.  ArtFest runs at the same time as ArtPrize with is a major art competition in Grand Rapids, MI. 
  • I started with doing collage with tissue paper with music on it and parts of old books. The books are very deteriorated and from our 115 year old family cottages. They were being tossed because of their condition. I used mat medium gel to collage. 

  • Next I stenciled flowers with Fuild Acrylics by Golden and Deco 

  • Next I stamped and embossed some images done with stamps by Dylusions. They are the Couture Collection. 
  •  Next I painted some highlights on the images.  Blue on their hats and painted their skin. 

  • Next I added some stickers and papers. There was even some metal pieces. 

  • I decided I needed more blue flowers. I also used some Distress inks to shade. I sprayed it with some ink and added some gold powder. 

  • At this point I looked at it and realized there is a face in the middle. Can you find it? I printed a picture of it and worked on the face. 
  • Here is the finished piece with the face.   

  • Tuesday, August 15, 2017

    Day 121 - outdoor crafting

    This was my craft room at the cottages last week.  Hardest part was putting it away each night in case it rained. 

    And this was a shaker card my daughter in law did from a paper pumpkin kit. 

    Monday, August 14, 2017

    Day 120 - more foil - and trying other things

    So yesterday I was playing with a couple of these.  Heat embossing wasn't very successful this time. I will try again another time.  Here is the best it got

    I decided to try using it with sticky embossing powder.   You ink with embossing ink, with sticky embossing powder  then you apply the foil while the embossing power is warm. 
    This was my first attempt.  The problem here was the textured paper and poor ink. 

    Here I tried it again. This time I used white craft ink instead of the embossing inks.  It took a lot and the face was kind of blurred. Kind of double inked. 

    Why all the work and not just emboss the image?  I embossed this but accidentally picked up the clear powder instead of the white.   It wasn't really a great image. I wanted to use it so I went over it with the dauber and some crushed curry.  The clear embossing powder worked as resist.  I was happy with the end results. 

    This was probably the best of the experiments. 

    Sunday, August 13, 2017

    Day 119 - Hot foiling- Fail

    One of the things I love about the Craft Outlet is it gives me the opportunity to try new things inexpensively.  This week I got a couple of these...

    Here you can see it closer. 

    And a couple of these. 

    So of course I don't have a TODO machine.  I had to figure out something myself.  I started trying it in my cuttlebug, just to see what it would do. It tore the paper when used to emboss. 

    Then I tried my laminating machine.  I layered the metal piece, foil, cardstock and wrapped in a folded piece of printer paper. My daughter helped. She was here visiting. It took many many runs through the laminating machine.  I did have a slight success. You can see the image slightly. You can see the foil on the edges though. Kind of smeared.  The foil was pink. 

    Here was the next attempt. I heat it up on the stove and then ran though the laminator. 

    It really didn't help but I might try again. Instead, we decided to use it like a stamp and try some sticky embossing powder.  Come back tomorrow to see the results. 

    Saturday, August 12, 2017

    Day 118 Tree are Sew cute

    This was an old Stampin Up kit on got on clearance. My daughter put this one together at the cottages this last week.

    Friday, August 11, 2017

    Day 117 - Celebrate

    I have been having so much fun with my Dylusions paints and resist paper. In this case, I also just painted the white card base with the paint too.

    Thursday, August 10, 2017

    Day 116 - Restful beach

    My daughter is visiting and made this with anther die from Seasonal Layers Thinlits. Just a few pieces of torn paper and  you have a beach!