Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Retreat Thank You Card

While in North Carolina on the retreat, I picked up this stamp.  It was a running joke while there about me trying to find a crab to see. They took me to the fish market and showed me one but I said that didn't count. LOL I even had a hard time coloring it because I couldn't find a picture of one. Well, besides the 3 foot one in a picture over my bed, but you could really only see the claws on that one.

So here is the card I made and sent with Meg for her father. I colored it with colored pencils. I close up is below.

  You can go to Snoopy's blog here for more pictures of the retreat. Here is a picture of the crab I found on the beach the last day. I had to chase a seagull off to see him. He was still alive but I think he was going to be breakfast before the morning was over.

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  1. Poor little crab. Love the card though :) :) :)