Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 106 - Watercolor Unity Stamp

I am going to stop putting the words daily challenge but I want to keep counting the days.

I am using the Unity Stamp from the "She never says never" set again. This time I used watercolors on it.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Day 105 - Daily Challenge - Cut n Boss

My favorite craft store in Grand Rapids is the Craft Outlet. It is part of Notions Marketing. Since Notions Marketing states that it is the "world's largest creative arts distributor", I feel pretty lucky to have there outlet store just a couple miles from my house. 

This week was a huge sale with everything 45% off but also they had palettes of things for 70% off.  I was able to get this Cut N Boss Machine. ( pictured below)   It is like a Cuttlebug but electric.  It cuts with dies and embosses with embossing folders.  I found one at JoAnn's online fro 269.99 regular price.  They were on sale for 30 dollars and then I got 15 dollars off for a coupon I earned.  

NOw I will tell you it had been used a couple times. I believe they use them to demonstrate the equipment to store owners.  But honestly, I don't care if all the parts are here. 

These are the 4 embossing folders I got. Each of them is 8 1/2 by 11

And here is the die. It is smaller and about card size. 

And this is paper I embossed with one of the embossing folders. 

 Not much inspiration here but I was very excited and wanted to share.  Remember to comment today. It is the last day to comment to be entered in to win some stuff.  Since I had so much stuff to give away, I divided it into 6 envelopes.  I got a few more treasures at the Craft Outlet yesterday too. So I will pull six names tomorrow night and announce them on my blog.  Winners will have until August 7 to provide their addresses.   

Have a Creative Day

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 104 Daily Challenge - Unity stamp repeat

Hello Friends
I am repeating the stamp today.  I will be doing this a little more since I have been using WeR precision press. This is kind of like a Misti. If you would like a picture, let me know and I will post one.  The things is, once you have a stamp set on it, you might as well stamp several.

Today, I took a little more time painting and coloring the image. I used Dylusions paint to color her clothes this time.  This is not what this paint was designed for but I had already used it on the resist paper that I wanted to use for the background and I wanted it to match.  If you look back a few days, there is a picture of the pad of paper I used on Day 96 and samples of some of the paper on Day 97.

Her skin and hair were colored with copics.  E00 and E02 for her skin.  YR15 and E35 for her hair.  I used C1 to shade around the whole image for more depth.

Here is a slightly closer look.  There are only a couple more days to get entered into my drawing for prizes to celebrate my hundredth day.  I will include some of the resist paper for you to try yourself. You can use paint, watercolors, inks and more to create custom backgrounds.

As a reminder, the stamp set is "..she never says never" by Unity

Friday, July 28, 2017

Day 103- Daily Challenge - Creative Lady by Unity

I made this one last night and this morning. the paper is from a Stampin Up set.  The stamps are from a Unity set called ",,she never says never"   She is stamped with Momento ink. Her skin is colored with Copics. E00, E02, and  E11.  Her dress is painted with ink. I used Stampin Up Bravo Burgundy.  Her hair was done with a touch of ink and then watercolor pencils. 

I still am collecting comments to entry in to win prize packs to celebrate my 100th day of posting this year.  You enter by commenting on any entry between my 90th day and 105th day.  Here are also some more prizes. Most of these come from I Brake for Stamps.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day 102 - Daily Challenge - Paper Pumpkin

I brought a paper pumpkin kit with me to Oklahoma.  I did this in my hotel in a few minutes I had Tuesday night.

More pictures of prizes for 100th day

Here are more of the prizes.  I think I will be able to send out 4 packages of prizes.  Hope you made comments on my blog! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day 101 - Daily Challenge continues - Cupcake holder.

I mentioned this die with the card I posted a few days ago.  The die set is by Tonic Studios.  I used it to make cupcakes on the card from day 99.  

Here is a finished holder. Now I need a cupcake!  Who things I should cut the pieces out and send one set for part of the 100th day prize!   Have a creative day. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day 100 - Daily Challenge - Video of my Craftroom

In Celebration of my 100th day posting, I thought I would show you my craft room. This room is very full and looks out of control but I know where things are. I am also continuing to organize and get it in order.  I also have space in the basement for other crafts and art supplies, like all my beads, a  weaving loom, spinning wheels, beadmaking supplies, paper making supplies. and more  Yes, I know I am out of control but it really is what I love to do. 

This is my first successful video, I think.  I will practice and try to start doing some technique videos in the future. 

Be sure to comment. You have until the 105th day to leave comments to be entered to win.  Only comments from Day 90 to 105 will count. 

Have a Creative Day!! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Day 99 - Daily Challenge - Another Resist

Here is another card done for work with the the resist paper I painted with Dylusions paint. I recently got the cupcake die as part of a set that makes a container for cupcakes.  The die set is by Tonic Studios. I wish the glitter paper on the cupcakes showed more in the picture.  I am now done with cards for work until Sept.

Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for some free goodies.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A peek at some of the prizes

Here are some of the prizes for hundredth day.  There will be more to come.  I will be on a business trip for hundredth day so no video. I haven't given up the idea for the future.   So far for prizes, I have 2 Magnolia stamps, a Memory Box die, a Fab stencil, gold marker, beaded bookmark, earrings and a pin I made, and one of my photos.

Day 98 - Daily Challenge - Panel Pop Up

Here is another panel pop up. Be sure to see Dawn's video. It isn't as hard as it looks.  The stamps are from Stampin Up.  I colored the image with colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits.  

Only 2 more days and I will be at day 100!!!!  That's a lot of posts. :)  Make a comment and you will have a chance to win prizes!! 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 97 Daily Challenge - More card you can't resist.

This is done with the same resist paper as the one yesterday but this time I used Dylusions paint.  If you look at yesterdays post, you can see the pad of paper I used. I got the paper at Michael's. The balloons are done with a Stampin Up punch on glitter paper.  I am not sure who made the die for the words. 

These are other papers I did with the paint and ink. 

These are the paints I used.  That is also the tool I used to spread the paint. 

Don't for get to comment to be added to the drawing for stamps, a stencil, marker and more. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Day 96 - Daily Challenge - Can't Resist

Or maybe I can!
I got this pad of paper at Michaels. Really pretty resist papers.  I tried a couple things. The first I tried was with this distress inks.

I used these. 

And this is what I got.
It is another big card for the team birthday s at work. . 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 95 - Daily Challenge - Purple beads

Had fun doing these earrings. I found some patina paint at my wonderful discount craft store and tried some here. I painted the middle of the metal piece and then sanded it.  Next I added the purple beads below it.

Hope you have a creative day!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 94 - Daily Challenge - Twist panel pop up card.

I watched a video by Dawn's Stamping

Made of beautiful paper and die cuts of a rose set from Stampin Up. The colors with browns and yellows is a bit unusual for roses but turned out wonderfully.  Below you can see it in action. My husband acted as the hand model. :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 93 - Daily Challenge - Unity in Purple

Here is a purple version of the Unity stamp card from yesterday. I stamped on a heavy velum. Such a pretty stamp! It simply embossed it with black craft ink and black embossing powder.

Please leave a comment to put you in a drawing for a prize to celebrate my hundredth day!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 92 - Daily Challenge - Bleach Technique

I made this card with a new Unity stamp I got. It was done by embossing it and then using bleach to color it. I posted it on the Unity show and tell Facebook page. It was very popular so I thought perhaps a more detailed tutorial would be helpful.

I stamped the image with Black Pigment ink and then embossed it with black embossing powder.  Be careful to have all the extra powder removed as it will make your image look dirty. 

Next I painted the areas I wanted to change with bleach. This time I wanted all the flowers and the headband.  If you are doing this the first time on a paper, you should test it.  Every paper acts differently so it is important to test.  It also takes time for the bleach to effect the so be patient. 

I use just normal bleach. 

Be sure to use a brush you don't really care about.  This is my brush after two cards. 

You can repeat bleaching to lighten areas more. You can see here that at first the big flowers were not lightened very much.  I applied multiple times until I got what I wanted. 

Then I used these colors in the bleached areas. 

This is the finished image. 

I am celebrating a 100 days of posting with a prize package.  I will do a random drawing with an entry for each person who comments on the posts for 90- 105 daily challenges.  Please make a comment if you stop by so you can be in the drawing. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 91 - Daily Challenge - Book Christmas tree

ANother things I did last year was create this Christmas tree for my mom to decorate her home for a book club meeting she was having shortly after Thanksgiving.  I think we settled on the book with the snowflake as the topper. The lights were battery operated. 

Only 9 days until my hundredth day. Please come back and see! 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

100th day is coming!

I have some prizes for you for 100th day.  Please make comments on the posts for the 90 to 105th days and I will pull a name to identify a winner of a prize package.  after the 105th day.  I am also experimenting with doing a video. Thanks for coming by and I hope you will celebrate with me.

Day 90 - Daily Challenge - Treat Holder

More projects from last Christmas.  These are little treat holders. I gave some to the other leaders and some friends at church.  You use the envelope punch from Stampin Up to create them.  The stamp is from Stampin Up I believe and so is my envelope punch. 

Here is a similar pattern. I did it so long ago, I don't have the exact one.

Friday, July 14, 2017

100th day Celebration- coming soon

Just a hint at what is coming. I am putting together a prize package with stamps, stencils, paper, and more. I will draw a name from the people who comment on the blog postings between the 90th and the 105th day.  Since only one person comments, this will be a challenge for some of my other visitors.  More to come so keep coming back!!

Day 89 - Daily Challenge - Shaker Cards

Shaker cards are almost as fun as pop up cards.  These were kits I got last year. Really easy and fun cards.  The decorations are mostly stickers that came with the kits. I added some of my own treasures to the shakers.

Have a creative day!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 88 - Daily Challenge - Scarf

Last Thanksgiving I was busy. I don't much like to sit around and do nothing.  JoAnn Fabrics had fleece cheap and I saw this project. My mom and I made these.  You just cut circles and a slit then slip them into a chain. Pretty easy and I loved the rainbow colors.

Here is a video with the pattern.

I am still hoping to do something special for my 100th day. Please stop back by.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 87 - Daily Challenge - Crafting with my niece

I rarely get to see my niece. She is much younger than my children. I saw her last Thanksgiving. Turns out she loves to craft too. We made all of this in an afternoon and had little to no supplies.  It was so fun...and then if the picture, the wings on the blanket made her look like an angel. And she is one.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 86 - Daily Challenge - Santa- tizer

These hand sanitizers were 3 for a dollar at the dollar store. Just a little paper and I had gifts for the 40 people in my department.
So fun!