Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tangled Mug

I tried doodling a mug. I used Sharpie markers.  Then I heated it in the oven. I cooked it a couple times at 350. I would draw some and heat it. Then draw some more and heat it again.  I had some smearing and I am not happy when I look at it close up but maybe it will inspire you to try it.  The mug was on clearance somewhere for 2 for $1 so if I get rid of it and try again, it won't be a loss of much but my time.

Art Journal Started

I started an Art Journal while here in Illinois. (See, I have had a lot of time) I brought Twinkling H2Os with me so all the watercolors are those.  The fish and coral are stamps but everything else is doodles by me. It looks like a child's work but it is a starting point.  

Crochet Flower

While here on vacation, I have had more time than usual. Someone has to stay with my uncle while my mom runs errands. I am not much of a crocheter so it isn't perfect but here is a flower I did.

I used scraps of yarn my mom had and a pattern from here. 

After the practice, I may try again.  Let me know if you try it. 

Cards for my Uncle - Thank yous

While in Illinois, I am also helping with my uncle who had quadruple by-pass surgery.  He received some flowers and asked if I would make some thank you card. The supplies are limited here. This is a stamp I got at JoAnn Fabrics. It is a new dollar stamp.  The pretty background paper on the second card came from Tuesday Morning.  The other was scraps I brought with me. I printed the words. 

Fun on vacation making jewelry

I made this bracelet for my niece while I was here. I had gotten the charms from making memories when they had a warehouse sale. 

Cards for my mom

So I am in Illinois now visiting my mom. I always make some cards for her to give out when I see her. Here are some of the cards I did for her.

Most of the other cards were duplicates of ones I had done for classes. I did these so she would have some more manly style cards. The stamps are from a new set of stamps I got for Sale-a-braton from Stampin Up.

The last card class before I left on vacation

Here are the last cards from card class. This is the same as the card I did earlier. I did the same card again for class. 

 The Circus card was designed after paper I got at Tuesday Morning.  I had the tickets on hand. I had gotten a roll of the tickets from the dollar store. The words were designed by my daughter Sarah.

This is on the inside. 

 We are trying to do a Christmas card every month.  That way when Christmas comes, we will at least have 12 cards. The image was done with My Digital Studio.

I did this last card with a die I got from Paper Wishes. I am in the dies of the moth club. The presents are a EK punch. The pattern paper was from Tuesday Morning. 

Birthday Cards

I am still trying to keep the goal of cards for all my husband's family this year. Well, at least the nieces  nephews, brothers and sisters. Here are the most recent ones.  Simple. Quick... but still nice.

The technique on this one is sanding the embossed core paper. Love the effect. 

A variety of cards from card class

We did these cards in February fro card class.  I printed the words and tree with My Digital Studio by Stampin Up. I love my new program.  The paper is also from Stampin Up and currently on clearance  I believe.  

This next card is also done with Stampin Up supplies.  It uses the pinwheel dies, Top Note die, and Stampin Up card stock and paper. The words are my own. I just printed them. It says "Just blowing by to... (and inside) Wish you a Happy Birthday."

This simple card was done with paper I got from the clearance rack at Staples.  It was designed for wedding invitations. Beautiful paper.  The set even came with the ribbons. The words are a new stamp I got recently. 

The next two cards are done with a kit I got from Stampin Up.  I added the brads because it is a better clasp.  I traced the envelope so I can use the pattern later. 

Rest of February Swaps

Here are more of my February swaps for Just Cards. 

This one never made it there.   The image is from hÄnglar & stÄnglar. A friend in Sweden got it for me.  I hope it shows up someday.  I colored her with Copics.  The card style is altered Tri-shutter. 

And this is my sketch card. Meg Farris designed the sketch.

Here comes a big catch up!

I am way behind on posting here and plan to do some major catching up. Since not may come by to visit, it shouldn't be too annoying.

This was a Green and purple swap card for JustCards. The punch is from Stampin Up.