Sunday, October 25, 2015

Second project for Radiant II class

Here is the second project for my Radiant class.  I worked until 3 AM on this and thought I was done. This morning, I added shading and like it much more. It is surprising how much shading can make a difference. 

Here are a couple pictures before shading. 

See what a different it makes. I used a bunch of different acrylic paints including metallic. I also used shimmer and iridescent sprays. Shading in the end was done with Copics. I figured anything goes! 

I kept the theme of this the same as the first one, evolving through the passage of time. This time, I used the seasons rather than age. 

Because of the metalic and iridescent paints, it is hard to show the details. Here are some closeup and angles to help.

I am learning about myself. It is a fun adventure. 
Have a creative day. 

Wine and Paint party

3 friends and I got together on Friday night for a vine and paint party. I didn't drink wine but had a nice time. We didn't have an instructor and did out own things but I thought it all came out pretty wonderful. 

We all worked in acrylics and mostly just craft paints.  This is mine.  I was pretty happy considering there wasn't anyone to teach us. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Radiant II Lesson 1

My first class in the Radiant II class is by Felicia Borges, She gave a lot of ideas but the one I ran with was three faces with 2 sets of eyes. I am a beginner drawer so it meant a lot to me to be able to do faces. I drew the faces in Michigan on a business trip. A new friend in my class, taught me some new things as well as watching lots of videos on You Tube.

I wish I had some different paints and supplies but I made due with what I had. Effy showed a collage technique for the background in part 2 of lesson one. I used the idea this.

The clock is a Tim Holtz die. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mini One Sheet Wonder

I also did these several months ago. You create a 4.25 by 5.5 designer paper and cut it to create 3 cards. I used the Stampin Up butterfly stamps.

If you make a set, let me know

Have a creative day!

Watercolor Block Technique

I did this several months ago. It is was a pretty easy technique with a cool result.

Take a acrylic block and color on it with markers. Then spritz it with water.
Next use the block as a stop and press it on your paper. Solid silhouette stamped images stamped in black look great on this background.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cards from Midnight Madness

Below are the cards I did for Midnight Madness. Midnight madness is a yearly craft night my church does. I have offered Christmas cards at it for several years. These are the ones from this year.
This one is done with new Stampin Up dies from the holiday catalog and the star border punch, also from Stampin Up . 

The stamp and dies from this card are also from Stampin Up and retired, I think. 

More Stampin Up here. This is a stamp and die set. I think yo ucan still get it from Stampin Up. 

It is a Stampin Up year! More cards with Stampin Up stamps. 

Finally, another Stampin Up set. I love this set. Beautiful!!

The pattern papers are purchased at Tuesday Morning.  They also learned to do lined envelopes to go with their cards. 

Have a creative day! 

The eye

I drew this on a coloring app on my phone. Just my finger as a pencil ...and I have stubby, chunky fingers. I was happy with what I got and think it shows some of that I have learned so far. 

1. You rarely see the whole iris/pupil of an eye. You lid covers it partly. This could have been more but not bad. 
2. There needs to be a reflective white spot in the eye or it doesn't look alive. 
3. There are small lines above and below the lid and that is where the lasses come out. 
4. The eye ball does not fill the whole socket. 
5. Studying pictures of eyes helps. 

Of course I have a lot more to learn but I am pleased with my start. 

Have a creative day. 

Learning to draw

I am sorry for those how are here at my blog for card making, I am going to include some other things...but I will also catch up on some cards. I have been sharing things on Facebook more since there is more exposure but I have had this blog a log time and won't be giving it up.:)

I don't think I can draw well at all but I have been watching YouTube videos to learn. I also had someone taking one of my classes from work that gave me some pointers. My first lesson in my online class was to do morphing faces with 2 sets of eyes being the eyes for three people. I haven't completed it yet but here is my sketch and I am so proud!

There are words in the hair for the different ages of woman. I am planning on painting the hair in pinks and purples. I hope painting this doesn't wreck it. I am a little worried. 
The class is with Effy Wild and called Radiant II

Have a creative day!

Art Journal

I am taking an online class for art journaling. I am excited. I like learning more things but I also think I can apply some of the techniques to card making and other things.  The class is with Effy Wild and is called Radiant II. 15 artist will present lessons and Effy will also give her takes on the lessons.

To start, she taught an Effydori. I made a lot of chances in the process as I went but I love my book.  It isn't as wild as some of the others but I decided that I love the ocean so I would use it as a theme.

This is the completed book. It has a foam base with canvas on it. I covered it all in gesso and paints. I used stamps from I Brake for Stamps for the shells. These are my all time favorite stamps.

Here is a picture of the cover before I added the elastics.  I manipulated it alot. Adding and removing paint. It has a lot more sparkle than the picture shows.

I loved how the inside turned out. It is fun foam covered in  gesso and Dylusions ink sprays. I also added some iridescent powders.  You might see slight images of stamps I pressed into it but it is very subtle. 

Then I used my Cropidile punch to put holes in the cover so I could add elastics and bling to my book. The sheets in the book and bundles of watercolor paper, folded and sewn. These fit into the elastics but can come out to paint and get messy without messing with your whole book. I had lots of bling to choose for on my books since I also do jewelry sometimes. 

So ready to learn new things to add to it! 
Have a creative day!