Monday, May 20, 2013

Pictures of flowers from my yard

I love spring and the flowers they bring. Here are some flowers from my yard. 
Brent gave me this lovely hanging basket for our anniversary, May 1st

I won this Clematis at a local green house. I got a charming trellis for it to grow on. 

A dear friend moved to Maryland and gave me this.   I could kick myself because I can't remember what she told me it was. Do you know? 

Here another view of the basket. He picked the prettiest basket at Fred Meyer.

I need to weed the flower bed more but flowers are already emerging. 

I have been trying to grow irises for years.  Finally this year, I have some. This is my first. The colors in the photo aren't really true but beautiful. I am excited for others to appear in the next few days. One of the colors I planted is a wonderful root beer color I got from the same friend that moved to Maryland. 

Nature is more wonderful and creative than I will ever be.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Easter baskets

It is well past Easter but here are some baskets I did for a co-workers family.  Really Fast and easy!

You can see a similar basket done at

The grass is just shredded green paper. 
Colored with copics

Friday, May 10, 2013

Picture from Oregon



This is a picture I took a couple years ago on a trip to the Oregon coast. It wasn’t a special camera. I wasn’t under the water. Just a pictures of animals in a tide pool. Love the colors and felt like sharing. Nature is amazing.