Friday, April 12, 2013

Bleach cards

So one of my swap cards was a bleach technique card and I did this.

It was pretty but maybe a bit too subtle. You emboss the card stock with clear embossing. Next you use normal household bleach and paint it in areas. I just did the butterfly.  Then I did a little on the words.  Then I came back with a marker and colored the butterfly.  There wasn't enough contrast so I used some distress ink to improve the contrast. 

So I loved it but thought I could improve so I did this for card class.  

This time, I tested the bleach on several sheets of cardstock until I found one I liked.  This is a Stampin Up cardstock.  I wanted one that created a strong contrast. I did this the same way. 
1. Emboss with clear embossing powder.
2. Bleach areas you want. This time I bleached the butterfly. I also used a tiny bit on the word inspire. I little bleach goes a long way. You can always add more but you can't really take it away. 
3. When completely dry, color with markers. LOVED THIS CARD!
Here is a detail picture.

No distress ink on this one. Have to make more of these!
The stamp was a gift from a friend.  It is older and not currently available that I know of. 

March Swaps

Here are some of my March Swap cards for JustCards

This was a color swap. You asked someone a color and then had to base your card on the color. I asked my husband and he said forest green.  The stamp is a Unity stamp. I am in the stamp of the week club.  I used Tim Holtz core paper for the background and sanded it after I embossed it. 

This is the sketch swap. Meg from JustCards (yahoo group) designs them.  I love to alter the designs and do my own thing but I stayed pretty close to the original this time.  Pretty paper, a Stampin Up stamp, and a flower. Very simple. 

This is my Easter card. I love this bunny stamp and have used it before. I borrowed it from a friend a couple years ago and stamped a handful of images. Luckily I had one left for this card.