Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog Candy

This Blog candy is not designed like many others. It is not here to get a bunch of new people to come to my blog although new people are always welcome. It is here to award those who do come. I am giving away the below items and will add more things until the deadline. All you have to do it make a comment to be entered. I will also but in entries for anyone who has commented on any entry in the month of May. You don't need to post it anywhere else, just add a comment here or on one of my cards. Blog will close May 31st and I will post a winner June 1st.
So far the prizes are stamps,  flowers, paper lace, rub-ons alphabet, and ribbon with more to come. There are no restriction for in or outside the US.

Have Fun!


  1. Looks good! I hope all your regular visitors come and sign up.

    Snoopy :D

  2. Enjoyed looking at your blog. Especially liked the shell card!!

    Faith in Florida

  3. Awesome blog candy!!! You know I totally love your blog :)

  4. I enjoy making guy cards; yours are very nice. Your mother will be happy with them. So nice of you to offer blog candy!

  5. I'm am presently a visitor, but after looking at a few pages of your posts, I claim being a regular follower starting today! Your artwork is inspiring. (And I love the photo of Lake Michigan because it reminds me of when I grew up in MI)
    Teri "Terrific"

  6. Hey great blog Faye thanks for the tutorial on the flowers...I had tried them but your way is easier and gets a more natural looking flower. Working on my cards for June

  7. Wonderful flower technique! I would have never guessed that you split the paper like that, but it works perfectly.