Sunday, October 25, 2015

Second project for Radiant II class

Here is the second project for my Radiant class.  I worked until 3 AM on this and thought I was done. This morning, I added shading and like it much more. It is surprising how much shading can make a difference. 

Here are a couple pictures before shading. 

See what a different it makes. I used a bunch of different acrylic paints including metallic. I also used shimmer and iridescent sprays. Shading in the end was done with Copics. I figured anything goes! 

I kept the theme of this the same as the first one, evolving through the passage of time. This time, I used the seasons rather than age. 

Because of the metalic and iridescent paints, it is hard to show the details. Here are some closeup and angles to help.

I am learning about myself. It is a fun adventure. 
Have a creative day. 

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