Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Art Journal

I am taking an online class for art journaling. I am excited. I like learning more things but I also think I can apply some of the techniques to card making and other things.  The class is with Effy Wild and is called Radiant II. 15 artist will present lessons and Effy will also give her takes on the lessons.

To start, she taught an Effydori. I made a lot of chances in the process as I went but I love my book.  It isn't as wild as some of the others but I decided that I love the ocean so I would use it as a theme.

This is the completed book. It has a foam base with canvas on it. I covered it all in gesso and paints. I used stamps from I Brake for Stamps for the shells. These are my all time favorite stamps.

Here is a picture of the cover before I added the elastics.  I manipulated it alot. Adding and removing paint. It has a lot more sparkle than the picture shows.

I loved how the inside turned out. It is fun foam covered in  gesso and Dylusions ink sprays. I also added some iridescent powders.  You might see slight images of stamps I pressed into it but it is very subtle. 

Then I used my Cropidile punch to put holes in the cover so I could add elastics and bling to my book. The sheets in the book and bundles of watercolor paper, folded and sewn. These fit into the elastics but can come out to paint and get messy without messing with your whole book. I had lots of bling to choose for on my books since I also do jewelry sometimes. 

So ready to learn new things to add to it! 
Have a creative day! 

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  1. This is beautiful Faye Good luck with the course..loz