Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 92 - Daily Challenge - Bleach Technique

I made this card with a new Unity stamp I got. It was done by embossing it and then using bleach to color it. I posted it on the Unity show and tell Facebook page. It was very popular so I thought perhaps a more detailed tutorial would be helpful.

I stamped the image with Black Pigment ink and then embossed it with black embossing powder.  Be careful to have all the extra powder removed as it will make your image look dirty. 

Next I painted the areas I wanted to change with bleach. This time I wanted all the flowers and the headband.  If you are doing this the first time on a paper, you should test it.  Every paper acts differently so it is important to test.  It also takes time for the bleach to effect the so be patient. 

I use just normal bleach. 

Be sure to use a brush you don't really care about.  This is my brush after two cards. 

You can repeat bleaching to lighten areas more. You can see here that at first the big flowers were not lightened very much.  I applied multiple times until I got what I wanted. 

Then I used these colors in the bleached areas. 

This is the finished image. 

I am celebrating a 100 days of posting with a prize package.  I will do a random drawing with an entry for each person who comments on the posts for 90- 105 daily challenges.  Please make a comment if you stop by so you can be in the drawing. 


  1. Beautiful card! Thank you for sharing the technique!

  2. Gorgeous card and technique Faye..Loz