Sunday, November 29, 2009

Even more pop up Christmas trees

I am showing this because I think I have found a quicker way to create these. All the background is pretty Mind's Eye paper I got for a very good price. The ornaments are done with a hole punch. I put them through my Xyron. Then I used a white gell pen to highlight each ball.

I also included some pictures of the card opening to try to show how cool these are!

It is amazing how flat it is when it is closed.

And it just pops up! You have to be a little careful when closing it, so you don't bend the bottom branches.


  1. OOhhh, I see now how it's done, lol.. This is so neat. I love this. These are wonderful and you can create them all different. Very Nice Faye. Thanks for showing how they close like that.

  2. so if I want to make some of these, did you use a punch, cricut or what to cut out the trees? I just found these from a link...LOVE THEM all!! Helen