Thursday, May 7, 2015

Garage Sale Treasures

The other day I went to a garage sale. I love to look for craft supplies at garage sales. We actually didn't have much time and just stopped at  one while running errands. I found a pile of reed for making baskets. I liked the colors and although I haven't made a basket for years, ask what it wouls cost. "Three dollars" she said. Okay, not much. Might be fun to try again.

As I lifted the pile from the basket she had it displayed in, I found a deer antler had been used to create a rim for a basket. I have never done anything like that. How fun!

I have late church this year and don't attend meeting until 1pm so Sunday morning I got up and decided to make a basket. Pretty brave for a woman who hasn't made a basket in years and then only one, in a class at the fiber arts fair.  I did search the internet and didn't find anything really to help.

So before church that morning, I had created this!

Certainly not perfect but I was so pleased with myself. People are always so amazed at what I do. This time I amazed myself!

I think I will hang it on the wall!
Have a creative day! 

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  1. This is Fabulous Faye. I Love the deer antler.. Such a great find at a garage sale..Loz