Friday, November 8, 2013

MIdnight Madness

Midnight Madness is a huge event sponsored by the woman's group at my church. My friend Shauna and I have been in charge of it for several years.  Lots of people come and have dinner, then work on projects til midnight. Here are pictures from our event in Oct.

This is one of the almost hundred little loaves of bread I made for each woman who attended.  We served it with several kinds of soup for dinner. 

Each loaf was wrapped with the words. "You are Loved" on a tag.  President Thomas Monson gave a talk recently about a woman who received a loaf of bread which was a symbol of God's love for her. We wanted to share that love with the group.
Here are some of the people who attended hard at work
 Here is one of our wood projects. 
 And this is the other. On this one, you can flip the board on the bottom and the Christ picture to make it usable all year round. The other side of the bottom say Lead me, Guide me, Walk beside me.
 There were several candy bar wrappers.  I think this was a favorite. 
 This was so so cute, that my friend Maria redesigned the wood project to look like it. 
 How about these cute mummies done with strips of white cardstock inked a bit with distress ink. 
These were done with an image I got at It was designed for a card but fit perfect on the candy bar. The penguin is in paper tole, (layered).

 Here is another converted project from 
 Here are some friends at the card making table. I will share the cards later. 
 We had a table for "Don't pin it, Do it" 
 My friend Maria did this cute ghouls sign. 
 This was a great idea I got at my son's wedding. Just hot glue a plate and candle stick for fancy layered trays. Then just get soak it in wash water and they come apart. Easy to store and create different size layers. 
 We did glass etching on dishes. Great gift and great way to get your dish back after a potluck. 

 Here is the final one for this post. It was a metal welcome sign. Layered vinyl. Beautiful and simple. 

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  1. WOW!!! Lots of fabulous projects and pictures Faye. Looks like everyone had lots of fun..Loz