Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What I have been up to...

This isn't like any of my posts ever before. I was busy making playdough tonight.  Yep, playdough.  I have been a crazy crafter lately. Just responsible for a ton of things in the near future. There is a mother -daughter picnic tomorrow and I am supplying a bunch of items.
1. Supplies for about 40 cards
2. stuff for the little girls to do bracelets
3. Paper dolls for the young girls
4. 5 kinds of playdough for kids to play with and recipes for parents to take home.
4. And maybe an additional craft for the grown ups too but I am running out of time.

In addition, we have a craft night in October called Midnight madness. I had to have a bunch of samples done for that. We are revealing the crafts tomorrow. I have done the following
1. 6 different candy bar wrappers
2. A perpetual birthday calendar
3. Glass etched casserole dish ( with your name so you can get it back after potluck)
4. Vinyl personalized items.
5. 5 handmade cards

Then on Friday, I have card class. Pop up cards is the theme.  And I own 3 swaps for JustCards.

So here are the playdoughs.....

The red one is Jello Playdough
The yellow/ orange is Kool-aid Playdough
The blue is just plain homemade playdough colored with food coloring. 
If you need recipe, leave me a comment and I will either post them here or send them to you personally.  

This is the weirdest one I made. No baking. Just hair conditioner and corn starch. Pretty good stuff though. 
Okay, you are right. Not really playdough here. This is Gak or Slime. My grandsons call it Boogers.  It is made with Borax, Glue, water and food coloring. 

More posts to come with more of the projects. 

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  1. Good luck with the mother/daughter day Faye..Loz