Thursday, September 27, 2012

Owl Treat Holders

These are so cute. I love them but wish the photos were better.  Well, here are the first ones I made.

I saw them on Pintrest. Here is the link.

The pattern called for a 3/4 inch circle punch for the feathers but I couldn't find one so I used a 1 inch.  I like it with the one inch circles and won't look for the smaller punch. I also learned that the owl looks better with the eyes a little lower. See the light blue one, it looks better. with the lower eyes.
Here are some close ups.

The supplies:
Pillow box die
12 one inch circles in decorator paper
2 large oval for wings
2  1 1/4  white circles
2  3/4 black circles
3 yellow hearts for feet and beaks
2 wiggly eyes
(and a treat to put inside!)

Try one! Sooo easy!


  1. OH, these are so adorable! I'll bet they were a HUGE hit!

    Snoopy :D

  2. Fantastic treat holders Faye..Loz