Monday, December 27, 2010

Organized Chaos

I have had to clean up my room after Christmas. well, it is not clean because I only showed you the edges in  my pictures. In the middle is a card table still piled high but things are looking better.

This is my cutting table with my cuttlebug, new Cricut and manual paper cutter.  The three containers with drawers underneath have paper, embossing folders, stamps, stickers, and chipboard diecuts. Most of the drawers are labeled. 2 drawers are just I Brake for Stamps stamps. I am a little crazy about them. : )  Behind the table is a closet with clothes in it. The hangers on the closet are some I got when a local store was closing.
This is m desk. So you seen my new TV on the bookshelf. The old one is sitting on the desk. I have used every inch. Two bookshelves on the desk. One with beads and jewelry supplies, the other with paper crafting supplies.  The white bit above the shelf is a window frame. I have one window in the room. My room is in the basement.

This is the other wall by my deck. You can see just a tiny bit of the open door on the left hand side of the picture. The bookshelf has my Stampin Up stamps. The black "gutter" is my ribbon holder but it is starting to overflow. There are metal squares that hols magnetic containers and stuff.  
Lots of stuff everywhere.

This is next to the door-behind my desk. I have things stacked up to the ceiling.
This is two shelves between the cutting table and my desk. You can see the card table at the bottom of the picture.

It is a very full room so I am going to try to be a good girl and limit my purchases while tryng to use up what I have.


  1. I am amazed at how much you are able to fit in your space. Using the vertical space with all those shelves is a fantastic idea. Have fun playing!


  2. Wow I can't believe how much stuff you have organized in this area...looks better than my mess Good work